Using RTM with Distribution and Alliance Partners

The Routes-to-Market (RTM) methodology has been used extensively by product vendors and their distribution partners to develop and execute joint business and go-to-market plans. Using RTM in this way has generated significant incremental revenues and profits for the vendors and their channel partners. IBM, Microsoft and Cisco have done this with thousands of their resellers, distributors, independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators. RTM has also been used by partners in strategic alliances to develop and execute joint go-to-market plans. Alliance partners that have used RTM in this way include IBM, SAP, Cisco, Wipro, Nortel and Sony.

In the video below, Peter Raulerson interviews Dhun Zwirble and John Skinner of the consulting firm Alliances & Channels, LLC, about using RTM with distribution and alliance partners.

Please see Dhun and John’s feedback about RTM and Building Routes to Customers.