Testimonial from Eugene Lee, Cisco

“Trying to go to market without a detailed route map is like driving cross-country with no directions – the motion feels good until you realize it’s taking longer than you expected and the scenery looks familiar. RTM clarifies how marketing and sales can pivot from abstract segmentation and go-to-market planning to pragmatic and tangible implementation steps. Big impact on our marketing and sales results!”
— Eugene Lee, CEO, Socialtext, formerly VP Worldwide Marketing, Small/Medium Business Division, Cisco

Testimonial from Joan Jacobs, HP

“Technology innovation is not limited to the lab or the manufacturing process. Successfully marketing new technologies is about understanding change and helping customers adopt a new technology to create significant business value. RTM is a practical roadmap for maximizing revenue and profitability throughout the entire product life cycle. It’s the way to drive technology adoption in today’s evolving markets.”
— Joan Jacobs, President of Itanium Solutions Alliance, formerly Global Alliance Director, Hewlett-Packard

Testimonial from Ken Kannappan, Plantronics

“Routes-to-Market is a great tool for driving expansion into new markets and distribution channels. It also gets all of the management team on the same agenda. RTM has had a very positive impact at Plantronics.”
— Ken Kannappan, President & CEO, Plantronics

Testimonial from Ned Lautenbach, IBM

“Routes-to-Market came as a breakthrough for IBM at a a very challenging time in our industry. It had a big impact on our bottom line by enabling us to grow sales with a much more cost-effective mix of selling resources. Many companies need to solve that challenge today, before their competitors do.”
— Ned Lautenbach, formerly Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Services, IBM

Testimonial from Ravi Venkatesan, Microsoft

“A key challenge in dynamic and fast changing markets is getting marketing and sales aligned. RTM does this effectively and drives tactical execution to achieve a dramatic increase in marketing and sales productivity.”
— Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of Microsoft (India)

Testimonial from Rick Lockett, HaloSource

“The greatest need in many companies today is finding a way to maximize their return on investments in products, people and services. In today’s global marketplace of intense competition this has become increasingly difficult to accomplish. Routes-to-Market is a very smart way to make key decisions in marketing and sales – from packaging to demand generation to distribution – to maximize revenue and profitability throughout the product life cycle. At HaloSource, we used it to rework our SeaKlear line of Water Treatment Solutions and have seen consistent, stronger than industry growth in revenue, margins and overall profitability for the past three years.”
— Rick Lockett, Senior Vice President, Water, HaloSource

Testimonial from Dhun Zwirble & John Skinner, Alliances & Channels

“We have conducted over 450 Routes-to-Market workshops over the last 10 years with companies of all sizes, from multinational giants to local technology solutions providers, application vendors and system integrators. RTM methodology and tools have been truly transformational for these companies and driven incremental revenues and profits for them. RTM has helped executives align their channels more effectively, interlock sales and marketing to recruit new customers productively, gain speed to market, and redirect their spending to the most qualified opportunities to generate sustainable growth. Building Routes to Customers explains how the RTM methodology works and translates into tactical actions that have driven measurable bottom line results.”
— Dhun Zwirble & John Skinner, Co-Founders, Alliances & Channels, LLC

Testimonial from Lee Finck, F5 Networks

“Most technology companies today seek the magic pill that engenders a productive partner ecosystem. As no such pill exists, leadership must draw a map to the customer through means that are not always obvious. RTM enables management teams to draw and follow a very profitable map to the customer.”
— Lee Finck, Vice President, Americas Sales, NETGEAR, formerly VP of Channels, F5 Networks

Testimonial from Michael Forney, Rosetta Solutions

“This book is immensely valuable read. It outlines practical and executable strategies to accelerate and deepen market penetration and success. Our company is seeing powerful results as we begin to implement them. The authors bring their experience and analysis to communicate very tangible steps toward capturing the customer and creating a market win. I highly recommend it.”
— Michael Forney, CMO, Ignition Garage, formerly President, Rosetta Solutions

Testimonial from Kyle Mashima, Adobe

“At Adobe we spent millions of dollar with consultants, both large and small. In most cases, a few months later, you couldn’t remember the work they did. RTM was simple yet powerful and had lasting value to the company. RTM made it possible for each product manager to apply the correct resources and achieve an excellent ROI. Companies without this kind of methodology are flying blind.”
— Kyle Mashima, VP of Strategic Development, Visible Measures Corp., formerly VP of Strategic Development, Adobe