Testimonial from Greg Ness, ShoreTel

“Too many marketing professionals rely upon untested gut instincts and last-of-breed programs when it comes to reaching new prospects. At the end of the day they really don’t know if they’re imitating success or failure. RTM provides the power of fact-based marketing to take the art of marketing to new levels, especially in fast-changing markets.”
— Gregory L. Ness, VP Marketing, Vantage Data Centers, formerly Marketing Communications Manager, ShoreTel

Testimonial from Terry Haas, WatchGuard

“What investments should I make across the channel segments and geos that I am responsible for, to ensure consistently high revenue growth and increasing profitability? The simple but powerful RTM management system can help answer these critical questions, in the midst of dynamic market conditions and shifting strategies. RTM is a requirement for sustaining success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.”
— Terry Haas, VP International Sales, WatchGuard Technologies, Inc., and formerly CEO of Solera Networks

Testimonial from Alex Guillot, Baracoda

“Using the Routes-to-Market methodology step by step enabled us to achieve record growth and dramatically turn around Baracoda’s US operations.”
— Alex Guillot, formerly VP Baracoda Americas

Testimonial from Buell Duncan, IBM

“Sound, practical advice on how to get marketing and sales aligned and performing at their peak.”
— Buell Duncan, Vice President Marketing, IBM Software Group

Testimonial from Amy Bermar, Corporate Ink

“This book helps solve the marketer’s dilemma: How do you reach your prospects in the fastest, most cost-effective way? Getting it right creates market leaders; getting it wrong relegates good products to the discount bin. IBM and Adobe have already found that Routes-to-Market is critical to their bottom lines; now the rest of us can join the party.”
— Amy Bermar, President, Corporate Ink, The Wall Street Journal 2007 “Top Small Workplaces” Winner