Routes-to-Market (RTM)

Routes-to-Market (RTM) is a simple but very powerful methodology for driving profitable growth. World-class companies like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Hitachi, Adobe, Plantronics (and hundreds of smaller companies) use RTM to take their products and services to market in the most productive way possible.

RTM provides a quick and proven methodology for aligning marketing, sales and distribution, and for optimizing spending in these areas, which can total 30% or more of operating expenses. Optimizing spending in these areas provides the next step for profitable growth because most companies have already obtained as much benefit as they can from optimizing their supply chains, manufacturing and finance.

RTM has been proven in large and small companies, at the business unit, divisional and corporate levels, in the US and worldwide, across a wide range of products and services, in every market environment from emerging to mature to declining.

Now you, too, can use RTM to:

  • Spend less and sell more.
  • Get the right products and services to the right customers at the right time.
  • Retain existing customers and secure profitable new customers.
  • Optimize your marketing mix and sales and distribution channels to maximize revenue and profitability throughout the product life cycle.
  • Get everyone in product management, marketing, sales, customer service, and your distribution partners aligned and working together to maximize results.
  • Determine the optimal level of spending for each function in marketing, sales and customer service, for each market segment, product and service.

Dave Drives Profitable Turnaround with Routes-to-Market

In this quick and easy to understand video, Dave, a product manager for a footwear company, uses the Routes-to-Market methodology to turnaround sales.


Using RTM in a Marketing Life Cycle Process

In 2001 Adobe Systems executives made the Routes-to-Market methodology the cornerstone of their Marketing Life Cycle process. Their goal was to transform the company’ s engineering culture to focus on customers. The results were exceptional — over the next 6 years Adobe’ s sales grew 179%, profits increased 252% and its stock price rose 179%, more than 5 times the gain in the NASDAQ Composite Index and more than 6 times the S & P 500 Index. In the video below, Peter Raulerson interviews Mamta Shah, Adobe’ s Director of Strategic Planning, about Adobe’ s experience in adopting Routes-to-Market.